Statement on the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision


Following the decision of the Ferguson grand jury to not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown, The Urban League of Greater Richmond and our Young Professionals auxiliary would like to issue a statement of support to the family of Michael Brown, the Ferguson/St. Louis Community and the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis.

We are in agreement and fully support the National Urban League who has stated:

“The killing of Michael Brown has forever left a void in the hearts and lives of his parents,family and friends, who lost a son and a loved one much too soon. The killing of Michael Brown has also brought to light many of the unfortunate blemishes - criminal justice disparities, volatile police-community relations, unemployment and economic inequities - that tarnish our great nation and that prevent us from being the best of whom we can be.

This tragedy has exposed the persistent state of emergency that grips not only Ferguson, but our nation as a whole. We have a state of emergency tied to the unjust killings of Black people and the dismal economic conditions of urban communities across America, where hope is often replaced by fear and where, for many, the American Dream has become a figment of yesteryear.

We must remain ever-vigilant in our quest for and journey toward accountability, justice, and reform through the nonviolent peaceful protests and demonstrations that have led to the most sustained change throughout our nation’s history. We will absolutely continue to demand justice for Michael Brown and his family throughout this process. We must also remain committed to restoring hope, jobs and safety to the communities that need it most.

We keenly understand that the function of government is to uphold the rights of citizens in every town, city, and state. The declared state of emergency in Ferguson and the surrounding St. Louis area must serve to protect both the lives and well-being of citizens and their rights to speak and assemble peacefully. Anything less is another injustice.”

As for the Greater Richmond area, the Urban League of Greater Richmond will continue to remain active in our community and ensure that the Richmond-area citizens have access to jobs, housing and education. We encourage you to join the Movement and visit our website at or the Young Professionals website at