Facts First

Posted by Urban League of Greater Richmond YP on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 In : Educational Options 

The Facts First

Dedicated to community engagement on issues that matter to the underserved, underrepresented, and minority population, the Greater Richmond Urban League Young Professionals Network has launched its “I Am Empowered Campaign” following the agenda of the National Urban League. 

At the heart of the campaign, lies our commitment to engage community leaders, faith-based leaders and parents about charter schools as an avenue to promote high quality education and provide parent...

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Educational Innovation: Charter Schools and the Urban League

Posted by Urban League of Greater Richmond YP on Thursday, May 5, 2011 In : Educational Options 

This is being reposted from a press release posted on the National Urban League's Website www.nul.org:

AUGUST 6, 2010

We're Not Against Charter Schools

Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West are mistaken about the National Urban League's position on charter schools ("African-Americans for Charter Schools," op-ed, Aug. 3). To be perfectly clear, the National Urban League wholeheartedly supports high-quality charter schools and the outcomes they produce for our nation's children. Many of our a...

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Empowerment Principle: Every Child is Ready for College Work and Life

Posted by Urban League of Greater Richmond YP on Sunday, April 17, 2011 In : Educational Options 
Ensuring that every American child is ready for college, work and life by the year 2025 is one of the four goals of the National Urban League's "I AM EMPOWERED" centennial year campaign.  As the next generation of leaders, the Urban League of Greater Richmond Young Professionals Network is taking up issues affecting african american and latino kids within the Greater Richmond region.  The "Campaign for Education" is designed to mirror and engage citizens in the principle that every "American ...
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Empowering Richmond

Urban League of Greater Richmond YP As the emerging demographic witihin the Greater Richmond region, the Young Professionals Network is leading the Movement through education by identifying issues and advocating for better options for disadvantaged kids. As the leading civil rights organization, we are identifying issues and creating a call for action to empower richmond leaders to support educational options for parents including charter schools as one of those options.

Join the Campaign for Education!!!