Antione Green
Civic Engagement Chair

Antione M. Green is a Richmond native. Mr. Green attended Henrico County Public Schools and graduated from Hermitage High School. While attending school, he interned for Delegate John O'Bannon and Senate Majority Leader Walter Stosch. His most recent legislative experience was as a legislative aide to Delegate Joseph D. Morrissey. He has a B.S. degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.

In 1998, Mr. Green was recruited to join the Richmond Crusade for Voters. In 2004, he was elected 1st Vice-President of the Richmond Crusade for Voters and in 2006; He was elected President of the Crusade for Voter and installed in January 2007 as the youngest president, at age 27, in the Richmond Crusade for Voters history. In this capacity, he was a strong advocate for greater voter empowerment in the Metro Richmond area and in strengthening the Crusade's legacy by adding new members who will continue the Crusade's proud heritage.

In addition to his former Crusade role and responsibilities, Mr. Green served as a proud board member and chairman/government relations committee for the capital city's first charter school, Patrick Henry School for the Science and Arts from August 2008-November 2011. He formerly served in the role as the school's chief executive officer in 2010.

He balances the responsibilities of his office, work, school, and community service with the duties of being a good and supportive uncle, son, and grandson. In his spare time, He is an avid reader of history, political biographies and plays basketball.