What's next?

Action steps that YP is taking post Ferguson

Thank you all of those who attended our special December General Body Meeting.  We had great discussions around the recent decisions on the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases.  We also had a great opportunity to hear from the Richmond Police Department and what they have planned to prevent a similar situation from happening in Richmond.  Statements were read from the Presidents of the National Urban League and the National Urban League: Young Professionals.  

We all have either protested, boycotted, or voiced our opinions and many have asked, “What’s next”?
We collectively discussed action steps that we can take now to continue strengthening our communities
and remaining proactive.

Here are some of the action steps that we discussed:
Now that we have heard the issues and stated our opinions, it’s time to plan and start acting!  I encourage you all to join the Urban League of Greater Richmond Young Professionals so that we can continue to move as a solid unit in the city.  We have several committees that are in need of sharp minds like yourself!  Consistency is key and if we continue to hold each other accountable and work together, we can make sure that the issues unique to Richmond and the surrounding cities are attacked and resolved.  The time is NOW and we have to keep up the momentum.

Membership is $55 and is tax-deductible.  More information can be found here:

Again, on behalf of the Executive Leadership Council, we thank you.

Thank you,

Bianca Casper
Membership Chair